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PLCC Management

The PLCC committee meets three to four times a year and is responsible for wide ranging decisions in administration, finances, personnel and conception of PLCC.


PLCC Committee Members


Zachariah Kahuthu
KELC Bishop
Luke Mwololo
KELC General Secretary
Julius Osoro Mokua
Judith Nyawanda
Chair Women Department
Alice Mwaringa
Coordinator Women Desk
Agnes Kaula
Parish worker
Johnes Ole Meliyio
Assistent Bishop
Karanu Waweru
Legal Advisor
Mary Mshana
PLCC Director

PLCC Staff


Heads of departments


Mary Mshana
PLCC Director
Ronald Bosire
Education Department
Susan Gatonga
Social Work Department
Hand Stretch Program
Claudia Heiss
Public Relations

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