Keeping a child away from the street

Susan’s family found

A girl who was rescued from a national hospital after staying there for one year without a close relative has found her family.
Susan is a single parented street father after the death of her mother who was also living on the streets.
She was six months when the mother passed on leaving her behind with a drug addicted father who was unable to look after her. A Good Samaritan took Susan as one of her children for some time till the time she fell sick and was not able to cater for her medical needs. She decided to take the girl to hospital and abandoned her.
PLCC took her from the hospital in 2008 and started to trace the father's parents since we could not get reliable information about her mother. For the last 5 years we have been trying to convince the father to take us to his rural home in vain.
Early June this year 2013, he promised to take us to his mother. The time came; he, Susan and PLCC social workers visited the home where they found a grandmother and some other relatives. How happy the grand was to see jovial Susan who never knew she exists.
Though the environment of the home was crippled by poverty, they could not hide their joy to know that Susan was going to school and she will be visiting them during school holidays.
We are grateful to God that Susan has relatives who are willing to support her in seen her dreams come true.