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PLCC staff retreat – relaxation, spiritual input and interaction

The PLCC Staff spent this year's retreat in the St. Mary Magdalene Retreat House in Nairobian quarter Karen. These two days (14. -15. 09) were supposed to provide relaxation and spiritual input as well as occasion for social interaction within the staff. At the end of the meeting participants furthermore got together for considerations about PLCC's future prospects.

The session on Saturday noon with Pastor Michael G. Fonner of Nairobian Dagoretti Parish, headlined ''Job Or Calling? - How We Understand Our Work'' dealt with different approaches to and understandings of work. During the session the co-workers highlighted their own motivations, (dis)likes and wishes regarding work, stances from several Bible passages as well as theologian Martin Luther's thoughts on the subject and his doctrine of the ''2 Kingdoms''.

Sunday's Bible Study concentrated on 1. Corinthians 12: 4-25 with its imagery of Christianity as ''one body'' needing all its parts. Members approached to this well-known Bible passage in two groups with South African Bible Sharing Method, which is supposed to enable mutual exchange of different experiences with one and the same text.

Following the considerations about her/his own job within PLCC everyone made during the Bible Studies the group eventually met for final discussions about PLCC's future. The answers mentioned to the question ''Where do you want to see PLCC within (approximately) 5 years time?'' are summarized in the following requests:
- Plot development to be continued according to master plan
- Own educational/dispensary/transport facilities and counselling program built up
- Improvement of communication between workmates/children and mums
- Improvement of the girl's lifestyle (greater food variety etc.)
- Wishes concerning the girls' future: long life connection to PLCC; successful, prosper future

Though, leisure did not miss out among all those meetings and sessions.
The welcoming atmosphere at St. Mary Magdalene and visits to the Prayer grounds of Resurrection Garden, within which the Archdiocese of Nairobi's Guest House is located, formed the recreational part of the weekend. Time for conversation and shared activities was offered at Saturday's gaming night and the visit at Mamba Village on Sunday