Keeping a child away from the street

Open eyes on the case

Out of the ten admitted children unluckily one of them left us after her father refused to let her stay in the hostel promising to be bringing her every morning.
He brought her for a week where after he insisted that he would rather keep his child, leaving us with no option but to let her go. Sadly enough few days after she had left, we found out that the father decided to move with her to a different street. The girl was with him and in accompany of other older children. We took the initiative to confront the father who once again refused and this time very aggressively. The father who has been abusing drugs since his child hood took his daughter warning us to stay away from his family.
Though the child looked happy to be with her father, we have not given up. Our eyes are wide open on the case. We have talked to some parents who are still in the streets to inform us whenever they see him. Sad, though we are positive that with time he will believe in what we do and let the girl be admitted to the centre and get the opportunity to study like the other children.