Keeping a child away from the street

Door to door with the PLCC girls

We, Lisa Hacker and Janna Vogel, got to know the PLCC children who are hosted in Notburga House in Ongata Rongai, during our one weeks visit there. We are doing a practicum in Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church for a period of eight weeks, which is part of our studies of theology. We are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria and Mission EineWelt sent us to Kenya for the practicum.
For the one week we were in PLCC, We were accommodated in the newly finished guesthouse, which offered us the opportunity to live door to door with the girls. We got insights in the lives of the girls and were part of their daily routine. We also had the opportunity to teach the standard five-girls during their holiday tuition program. We taught them the following subjects: maths, English, science, social studies and Christian religious education. Although they were on holidays, they studied hard. On top of that, we enjoyed the leisure time with the girls, who welcomed us warmly and wholeheartedly. Games, fun and laughing did not miss out and it was a great pleasure.
We wish you all the best for the future and the coming projects. We appreciated what is being done by the friends who commit themselves to PLCC, and appeal for continuous support for the program.
All the best for the girls' future, may PLCC offer them a loving home and may God bless their lives. From Janna and Lisa