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Claudia Heiss’s visit

From August this year yet another time for one of our own Claudia Heiss was back in Nairobi to work for some time with PLCC in supporting both the building programs and other activities of the centre after her schedule in her home land for public relations and fundraising.
Working very closely with the Project director, Claudia plays a big role in accompaniments' and consulting of the PLCC program from Germany and in Nairobi according to the progress of the construction phases.
Being well informed about the work at PLCC she is entrusted to share information on the centre's activities. So we would urge all the PLCC well wishers and friends to support her during presentations if she happens to visit your church or group.
We cannot afford talking about Claudia's work without mentioning her beloved husband Rev. Heiss who silently has played a very important role in supporting this ministry. Rev. Heiss a former KELC Christian Education Director has tirelessly made sure that PLCC was well presented. His support without and within KELC, has been highly appreciated by the PLCC family.
It has been and remains our wish to continue working together since our experience with Claudia has throughout been positive and encouraging.