Keeping a child away from the street

Adopting well with the new environment

In the beginning of every year PLCC rescues ten girls from the streets of Nairobi. This year the admission time was different due to the fact that the country was in preparation to have a general election in early March. So we decided not to go to the streets before election period due to what we saw happening in the slums during the post election violence in 2007/2008. We are happy that the Government took all measures to make sure that the country was at peace which we are very much grateful.
So, we started admitting new children at the end of March. At first we admitted ten children just as we do every year, one of them went back to the street. (read more in "Open eyes on the case")
About the remaining nine girls, we are glad that they are adopting well with the new environment. Three of them still go to their parents after the activities of the day in the evening. But due to unavoidable circumstances we had to accommodate the other six. Regardless of their ages, two placed in baby class level, three in Nursery, one class one, two in standard three and two in standard five levels.
It is very much encouraging to see that they are working very hard in class especially those who had never been to school before. Their commitment in learning new things is a sigh that they will make it to a higher class in public schools comes January 2014.
All in all we continue to need the grace of God, and our friends support in the journey of seeing them having a future.