Keeping a child away from the street

“I loved the camp because…”

92 girls and the PLCC team spent the camp at DIGUNA-Centre directly adjacent to the Nairobi National Park in August.


For one week in August about 90 girls from the Pangani Lutheran Children´s Centre (PLCC) and staff were at the camp. As mentioned above was the camp located directly near the Nairobi National Park. First some people feared that buffaloes might come at night and visit. But as the week went on, we enjoyed a lot watching giraffes, gazelles, buffaloes and zebras just through the fence. One highlight of the Camp was the visit to the National Park. One girl said: "One day we went on a trip to the National Park. I was so excited and I was looking outside all the time. Others fell asleep, because we were very tired. But I didn't sleep. I love the park."

The days started early at 6.30 am with morning exercises, followed by showering and breakfast. The morning devotions were framed by cheerful singing, clapping and dancing. After activating the body and mind, everybody was ready for many activities during the day, such as playing volleyball, football and doing acrobatics. Some girls enjoyed doing handcrafts like bracelets from beads; others had discussions during the social lessons and the career talk. Another highlight was the Olympic Games. They competed in the following disciplines: long jump, throwing and sprinting. On the last evening there was a talent show. The girls presented traditional dances, songs, poems and fashion show. The winners of the Olympic Games and the talent show were awarded prizes. But more important than any prize was having fun and enjoying the time together.

We definitely had a great time at the Camp! Thanks a lot to the staff, visitors and everybody who supported us to enable the Camp.

The girls comment:

"The Camp was good and we enjoyed it a lot. We did many things. The first day at the Camp we were so tired. We wake up so early in the morning. We sang a lot of songs and danced. We prayed every day in the morning and at night. We had great days. I loved that Camp!"

"I loved this Camp. We were doing prayer. I enjoyed singing the songs and watching the movies in the evenings. One day we went to a trip. The trip was exciting and I saw some monkeys. The monkey was sitting with his family and eating some bananas. After that the monkey called another monkey. Thank for all the things we have done."

"These are the things I loved about the Camp. The thing I loved was the food. It was so sweet like honey and I even loved the athletic games. The game was very enjoyable. And the other thing I loved was the movie. It was the movie about Madagascar."

"One day, when we went to the Camp. We saw many animals like giraffes, zebras, gazelles and buffaloes. We did many things. We went to a trip. The name of a trip is called National Park. We played many things like football, running and netball. Before eating we praised God. We were singing and dancing. Sometimes we watched a movie. When we had to go I had sadness, almost crying. I told my friend goodbye and she told me goodbye."