Keeping a child away from the street

They waited for the day and it finally came.

Admission into formal education

Finally, the nine girls from last year's non-formal class have all joined different public primary schools for their formal education.

For those staying in Pangani house, the anxiety to join the rest in the formal education was written all over their faces. They waited for the day and it finally came.

Since they had visited their new school before, they did not require any assistance to reach there. They woke up very early and went to the school (Juja Road primary school) and patiently waited for Bosire (PLCC teacher) to come and process their admission. After the admission process, each one of them was taken to her class.

The same was done for the two girls who were not residing at Pangani house, and this marked the end of a process that started a year ago, and the beginning of another process of formal education for the girls.